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Rekluse Auto Clutch First Impressions, It's Great

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OK, here are the first impressions of the Rekluse Auto clutch.

1. It flatout works, even better than you hoped it would.

2. Definitely get the perch mount adjuster if you ride Mx or Harescrambles

3. Easy to install, allow 2-4hrs, read, re-read instructions

4. Call Rekluse if anything is not clear, good intelligent people.

5. Get some Blue 247 Loc-Tite (oil resistant) when you order your kit.

6. 1st breakin ride, WOW, its works, cool, just click it into gear, no clutch,

give it gas, twist and go, no hesitation. Checked clearances, clutch

still within specs. Let's ride!

7. Went out for an easy trailride, ended up climbing a couple of hills. One

hill was about 1/2 mile long and a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Loose rock,

baseball to basketball size, tacky mud, twisting trail with 1 1/2 foot high

brush around. No Problem. it's great being able to hold on with all four left

fingers no need to have two to feather the clutch lever. Sweet. Coming

down the hill no problem, just slight throttle on and you have engine

breaking, slam on the brakes and stop with the engine just idling along.

8. With the perch mount you can still use the clutch just like normal, good

for slipping the clutch on starts and to get out of corners if needed. Side

benefit is it's the easiest pulling clutch ever made.

9. Go buy it now, you'll never look back, it adds a whole new perspective to

riding. MORE FUN.

10. And no, I don't work for or even know anyone at Rekluse and they didn't

give me any type of discount or anything special. I bought it because it

sounded like something I could use and I was right. It works.

Thank you Rekluse. :worthy::worthy::worthy:

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I just got mine installed and rode it once. After a couple hours it was slipping slightly, so I have to pull it apart and adjust the clutch plate tolerances. The instructions warn that it might loosen up initially. Otherwise, everything about it is great! :)

CRFMESS is telling it just like it is: easy to install, easy to ride, easy to love. :) It makes the bike ride like it has a significantly heavier flywheel, but only when you need one. It makes a twitchy throttle very forgiving when you need your trials bike skills. When blasting down the trail, I don't notice anything is different.

I installed a +11 oz Trail Tech flywheel a while ago, this is a much better way to spend your money if the technical stuff is giving you trouble. Get the adjustable perch, it makes life sooo easy.

I got mine from my local Honda dealer, a rare "good" one. You can also order directly from Rekluse.


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I picked it up from "CRFsonly.com"

Check their web site they have prices right there.

Like I said read then re-read the instructions, take your time, break in ride about 20-30 minutes, make adjustments if needed.

I'll check my clutch again in about 10 hrs. just because I'm anal about those things.

The thing about the clutch perch is it makes the transition from using a manual clutch to an auto clutch very easy, if you grap for the clutch it's still there even though you don't need it. And if the clutch should drag a little you just use the lever until you can make the adjustment when you stop, takes about 5-15 seconds.

It's really impressive, it will definitely give you a case of the giggles.

I didn't mention this but I'm about 5'5" so it really helps in the tight spots.

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So how about shifting? Can you just up-shift and down-shift without the clutch?

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When shifting, the auto-clutch operates exactly like a regular clutch: you can just stomp on your shifter, or also use your lever. Personally, I think it's abusive on a transmission to not use your clutch disengagement lever, "whenever possible". The adjustable perch option keeps your stock clutch lever, and it operates normally. The perch also allows you to adjust your RPM - engagement point very easily, right at your lever. I quickly found my preferred style, and probably won't change it, but it is nice to have that option.

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Skipn8r, yes it easily shifts up or down, use the clutch lever or don't use the clutch lever. The only thing I noticed was it didn't really want to shift under full power. But all you have to do is back off on the throttle a little and it pops right into gear., or use the lever when under full power That's one reason I think going the extra bucks for the perch mount adjuster is well worth money. If you're only going to trail ride or other non competiton riding you would probably be just fine without it.

HEY!!! :):)

One great side benefit is you can now easily start your bike in gear, something I could never do before

I see you have an X, the next money you spend should definitely be for a Rekluse auto clutch. Have fun.

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