XR600 exhaust on a XR650L?

I am in the market for an aftermarket exhaust for my 2005 xr650l. I have been lookin on ebay at a few.

Here in lies my question, will an after market exhaust on a xr600 fit on my new xr650l? I understand that the xr600 is the predecessor to the 650, and it seems like it would.

Thanks for your input

Most aftermarket exhausts for an XR600R will work fine on an XR650L. I know from personal experience that the White Brothers stuff does, as well as Big Gun.

Others probably do too.

Thanks bro

the Supertrapp listed for the later models XR600 fit my 2001 XR650L perfectly if that helps

Yes they will. If interested I have a Cobra ISDE pipe I can sell you. I ran it for about 4-6 months before putting on a quieter one. Good power though.


how much are you looking to get for it?

how does $50. sound to you.

Do you have a pics of it? I am really interested. PM me and let me know how you want ot hadle it.

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