clarke or IMS tank?

which is the best?,and what's the pro's an con's of each?

it's for a 2000 WR400F ( I want blue )

I went with the IMS, because I didn't like the idea of the dual petcocks and runing a fuel line that close to the exhaust pipe. The finish on mine (natural) leaves a little to be desired but the fit is nice. Also with the Clarke you have to go to the YZ seat because they don't make a oversized tank just for the WR, that is what I was told when I called them. I got mine through Dennis Kirk it was the best price I could find.

thanks for the info, I think I will go for the IMS also.


Today I went riding with 4 friends that have YZ 00's and 1 friend that has a 01 YZ 426 all with Clarke 4 gallon tanks. All had dual petcocks and all had the hot start moved to the bars. I do know the tanks are off of their race bikes from last year or the year before. Did you have to move the hot start and does your kick starter fold back into your tank? If so with only one petcock do you have any problems with the gas coming from the right side of the tank. I'm just wondering if Clarke has come out with a new tank recently and if the dual petcocks is a option. I was lead to believe that they all came with dual petcocks but since you have one with a single outlet obviously they don't.

On my tank the petcock is on the left(correct) side of the tank. With the IMS I didn't have to move the hot start to the bars and it seems that the majority of the extra gas area goes up and a little down but not so much out(making the tank wider).

Yes all of us are Desert Racers in the MRANN series. Most of the races are 90 miles plus probably averaging around 100 miles. I for one need every advantage I can get even if it is only a extra gallon of gas.

Are your from the Granite Bay area just outside of Sac. If you are have you ever ridden around the Forrest Hills area. A friend just got back from there and won't stop talking about how fun it was but he has a tendensy(SP) to exgerate(SP) a little bit. Just want to know if it really is that fun. If it is and you are near we are coming down from Reno after the 1st if you want to go riding.

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The description of the kickstarter folding into the tank sure solds like the Ty Davis tank that is made by IMS but only sold thru Montclair Yamaha, hmmm? It also sounds like your tank is a Clarke.

I have the IMS 3.2(3.4) tank on my '99 WR and the petcock is on the right side of the bike above the header. There is plenty of clearance between the stock header and petcock. The petcock is reversed so that the lever is on the inside - I don't even notice that it's backwards.



I have a Clark and there is one petcock and its on the left side where it belongs (same as stock) and it fits perfectly. My friend has the IMS and -I think- his petcock is on the "wrong" side. It seems to me that if you're going for a 3+/- gallon tank, the whole point is to be able to use a YZ seat and slide up further on the tank for turning. Unless you are getting some super-huge tank for desert rides or something, you're going to need (and want) a new YZ seat for either tank. (A 3+/- gallon tank is plenty for a full days riding on a WR.) When looking at the two tanks side by side (mounted)I do think the IMS may provide for a slightly flatter seat surface in the way it is designed.

Robman, Since you asked for opinions, here's my .02 I have the IMS 3.3 and 4.0 tanks. I like the 3.3 alot but the Clark tank in my opinion looks alot nicer, it is way narrower up top where as my IMS kinda mushrooms up at the top section (dry-break ready). Since my petcock is on the right side fuel just drips out instead of shoots out like the stock tank and the Clark. Call me crazy but I think my bike used to start better when the petcock was on the left side. One thing I can say about IMS: They are a 1ST class operation, I see their support vans at EVERY SINGLE RACE THAT I HAVE BEEN TO!!! They give out great deals and always offer advice to everyone. I hope this helps you, Dan

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