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1994 TE with SPES TC exhaust slip on

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Hi all !

I have a 1994 TE610 with an SPES exhaust slip on

This slip on replaces the two heavy and restricted stock mufflers

Looks good, it is very short although I had some sidestand hitting the muffler.

Oval shape


I also have cut holes in the intake box so that the engine can breath better.

I set the needle in the second notch starting from bottom.

I have read a test of this bike with the same specs as mine and it hit 58.61 hp at clutch at 7750 rpm, and 5.72 mkg of torque at 6500 rpm.

torque graph is completely flat right after 4000 and up to 7500 rpm.

Should I change any of the carb settings ? Is it ok to have moved from 3 to 2 notch of the needle ?

Regards !!

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What you need is a good arse dyno,does it go better?You can also do a plug

chop,mark the throttle on the bar into quarters, put a new plug in and go for

a ride,hold the throttle at a quarter and hit the kill switch without closing

the throttle.What you are looking for is a honey colour on the tip of the plug.

The easyest way is to keep trying it after you drop the needle till it runs

crap and going back to wear it is nice.I just had some cored mufflers and 5 extra holes in the airbox done and all they did was go up 1 size on the idle jet,

this is on a 92 TE 350

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