No New YZ450 for 06!?!?!

I just read in Dirt Bike or Rider, don't remember which, that Yamaha will wait 'til 07 to debut the new YZ450 due to an engine redesign? I hope it's just a ploy to sell more 05's. At least I can rely on the durability of my 04' to get me to 07'!!!

Wow I have really been watching this one to see if there is any truth to the rumor. Anyone see this and if so which mag is it?

So my '05 will be cool for another year :)

That still may not mean we will not see the aluminum frames next year. Just no new motor yet.

Look at the YZ250, same motor, new frame. They may concentrate on the 250F first like they did the 125.

Well, I guess i will just stick with my trusty 03 450F for another year! :) Funny thing is the way it looks and how many hours I have on it most people would think it was an 04 or 05 anyways!

I ride a 03 and the only thing that would sway me to getting an 06 is if the frame is aluminum

I hope this rumor is not true because I'm still on a 2000 model and I was hoping to get an 06' aluminum framed 450. But my 2000 still runs perfect, these are solid.

if that is true, it sucks. cuz i was going to get the 06 yz 450F if it had the alumframe. but if it dont have it i might switch to a diff. brand.

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