i need help gettin started

I just iherited an 88 xr600r. I couldn't get it started so I took it over to the local dealer. It has low compression, but the valve clearance checked out ok. WHat to do? Overhaul the top end with new piston and rings? Bore job? If so, what size? I really want to get her up an running. Thanks

If you need a new piston and rings, you can order the first overbore size piston w/rings, and the shop should have info on what size you need for that model. Once the new piston and rings are received, the shop will need those, to match the new overbore on the cylinder.

It would be a good idea, while the top end is apart, to replace the cam chain and gear, and have the valves and seats thoroughly cleaned up and/or re-ground. Valve oil seals should be replaced too.

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