426 Gearing

I'm experimenting with the final ratio so I can switch from desert to track by just changing the countershaft. I'm currently running 15/50 for desert but find it a tad too high. 14/47 was perfect. If I go 13/47 for the track will it cause the chain slider to wear too close to the swingarm? Any other problems running a 13 countershaft?

I run 14/49 track and 15/49 desert this has worked out great for me only changing the c/s sprocket when I change.

Now all I need is a stock tank to change back to for the track.

Wow, that's even higher. Good for goin' fast but you sure loose a lot of punch gettn' there...

What is stock on these things, I bought my bike used and it has 15/50.

Stock is 14/49.

Stock is 14/49. I run 15/49 everywhere and love it. You shift less & I always thought it pulled harder. Just doesnt have that snap in 4 gear anymore but its still fast. It helps if you have a magura hydro clutch though, you can control the power to the rear with a lot more precision. I was going to add weight to the flywheel, but not now.

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