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Funny thing on my CRF250R

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I'm a pretty hardcore YZF rider. Anyways a few weeks ago I gave in and added a 05 CRF250 to the collection. I figured I would use it to race and the YZ for practice. (still racing the 450 in other classes). Anyways after I changed the bars, all controls and having my suspension revalved (basically matching most items on my YZ) if actually felt very much the same as my YZ. Eyes closed someone would be hard pressed to tel the difference. Bars and controls match identically on all bikes. Tires too. So anyways my YZ has a bigger motor (280 with Hotcams, mild head work, Powerbomb) so it really flies. I put a Powerbomb (I like the MX ones), powernow, and Twin Air cage on the CRF. I thought the CRF has as much if not more lowend torque as my YZ. But not on top. I'll fix that later. Anyways it runs great. But it seemed to flop into corners. I have offset RG3's on it, but still it seemed twitchy. So I ignored all day attempting to get used to it. This was around a week ago. I could not help worrying a little on the way home that maybe it was too different for me. Then a dream last night awoke me (it's a surprise, keep reading). So I walked down to the garage, walked over to the CRF and took a look at my rear shock. What a surprise. I forget to set my sag when I reinstalled the shock from Enzo. Collar was still losse. Checked it today, 80mm. No wonder it was twitchy. Anyways I dreamed my sag was off. Stupid. At least I noticed before a race.

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