To Clutch or Not to Clutch?

My WR shifts so easy without using the clutch (in certain situations). We were riding the sand washes this weekend and I hardly used it at all in the sand. Just seemed like an unnecessary step as I was mostly riding in the torque curve, short shifting to hookup. Am I causing damage the the transmision by not using the clutch in situations where the bike just shifts without it? It's not like I'm forcing it into gear or not getting off the gas. Not once did I grind by missing a gear. If I feel the slightest amount or resistance from the shifter, a grab a handful of clutch. I don't even think about not using the clutch if I'm going through the gears at red line.

So what do you think? Am I screwing up my new bike? Will this cause premature transmission failure?

Good Q, I hope someone who knows what their talking about answers this. :)

No clutch needed to up shift. Back off the gas and shift. No need for clutch to down shift at lower rpms it will shift easily with no load on the engine. At higher rpms I use the clutch to down shift. :)

It is true what Indy said, you can shift up or down with out using the clutch. But definitely let of the gas a little bit when up-shifting. Doing that will reduce the strain on the dog teeth in the tranny when you bang it into gear. Our bikes have the same type of tranny design (sequential shift, dog-tooth engagement) that indy cars have, and they shift all day long w/o using a clutch, and under full power! But they also rebuild the whole car after ever race.

The tranny can handle 'clutchless shifting', and I have noticed that sometimes my bike will shift better w/o the clutch. But I am conservative when it comes to certain kinds of bike abuse, and use the clutch all the time. Everything DOES have a fatigue life, and I don't want to accelerate it any faster than needed.

I agree with the rest. I have been riding dirt bikes for 30+ yrs and have never used the clutch for shifting and have never had tranny problems. Let off the gas when up shifting and you will be fine. On down shifting, you are not on the gas so jam the shifting and go.

The only point I was trying to make is that when down shifting from higher revs it usually means there is an engine breaking load on the transmission and you actually have to give it a little gas to shift easier with the transmission unloaded. That is why I recommend the clutch (or delicate throttle) for down shifting during heavy engine breaking load on the transmission. :)

ehhh i just use the clutch... dont wanna worry bout me blowin up the tranny... unless of course i miss a shift and it decides to engage at about 6k rpm... then i grit my teeth and say OUCH THAT HURT... and pamper it...

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