valvetrain noise

Getting ready for springtime today. Thought I'd adjust the valves on my uncorked '01 today. This was the bike's and my very first valve adjust. The intakes were as tight as they could be and the exhausts were in spec. From what I read, this seems pretty normal. My question is now the bike seems to make a clicking noise when at idle. It seems to subside a bit as the bike warms up and I suspect the clicking is the normal valve lash- I'm just not used to hearing this new noise. Accerlation seems good although I'm still working on an off-idle stumble that seems to be getting worse as the miles pile up. Going to replace the 68s with a 70 and see if that helps.

Any comments would be appreciated.



Your listening to close, :) just normal valve train noise I'm sure...

Just ride, Maybe that off idle stumble is because you need a pumper carb.. :)

sound like you may have them a little looser than spec because as everything gets warm it expands and tightens up a little may want to recheck them put them a little on the tighter side

Thanksfor the quick reply-

Yes, a Quicksilver is on tap from Barnums in the future.

Paul :)

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