What's the deal with having 2 rim locks on the rear tire on my WR426 01? I've riddden lots of bikes and never had two rim locks to deal with when doing a rear tire change. I know the bike has a hard hit, but if I only run 1 rim lock am I going to spin the rear tire? I can normally do a rear tire change in 15- 20 minutes, but with 2 rim lock- what a Pain! Anyone out there running only 1 rim lock and not having troubles. Appreciate your feedback

I have Talon Wheels in my 426, previously fitted to my 2000 WR 400, thy have only 1 rimlock fitted, leave the one closest to the valve and take out the other one. Don't forget to block the hole that it leaves.


Tree hugger- Thanks for your 2 cents, but have you actually pulled the valve stem out of the rear tube? How many tubes have you blown with only only one rim lock. I realize that going EOM calls for 2 rim locks, but home many guys have wasted the rear tube with only one rim lock. I used to ride a CR500 and it only called for one rim lock. Rode enduros and qualifiers and a few Hare and hounds and never spun the tire and blown the valve stem. What I really want to know if any of you guys have wasted the rear tube, while trail riding, with only 1 rim lock.

2 more cents worth, I have blown rear tubes with two rim locks. That is why I had to put studs in the rear wheel of my Yamaha. Oh yeah! I know Honda's only need one rim lock, I wonder why? :)

It's never to late to have a happy childhood.

Obviously you guys haven't been on the gas very hard or haven't been in the right kind of traction condition. If you ever get the rear wheel hooked up hard, the tire will spin on the rim and tear off the valve stem of the inner tube. I used to have to stud the wheel and use two rim locks to keep the tire from spinning. Jusy my 2 cents worth, good luck.

I have run 1 rim lock on the back wheel of my wr400f for nearly 2 years and never torn off a valve stem.


I have torn a valve out on a rear tyre with two rimlocks. I ride very different terrains and have the need to run varied preassures, so maybe thats the difference. Also, rimlocks aint rimlocks...make sure your rimlock is a good one and works okay (Trial and error) I replaced one of them with another brand (a honda one actually!!) and had no more trouble.

Tree Hugger- What PSI do you run the rear tire and what type of riding do you do? Do you ride lots of track or are mainly trails? When I ride trails I'm running 16 to 18 PSI, hate getting smileys in my rims from rocks. Two rim lock is better than one, but come on. By the way, the CR500 hits like monster. I like the Yamaha much more to ride, but the CR500 will make short life of a rear tire much quicker than a WR will (if you wanted to). Look forward to getting your 2 cents again (if so, I'll have over a nickels worth :))

I have had no problems with my valve stem while running only one rim lock, but the rear wheel felt seriously out of balance. When I put the second one back on, the out-of-balance feeling was gone.

I look at it this way: how often do I change rear tires? Twice a year, maybe three times? So it's an extra 10 minutes of work each time for peace of mind about the valve stem and no wheel balance problems. (That works out to a half an hour extra work per year.) And I am running Kenda Trakmasters that have extremely stiff sidewalls, so it's a real pain in the butt.

What lube you use to fit tyres also makes a differance, if you use soap that doesn't dry out it will obviously be easier to turn. I got my info from Rob Sartin (the guy who owns Talon here in the UK). He has been British enduro champion and beat Paul "fast eddy" Edmondson regularly so I guess he knows what he is on about. If you are still turning the tyre on the rim with two rimlocks they must be absolutely cr4p!!


Has anybody ever considered horsepower being the cause? I even had to have special rear hubs made to keep from breaking from the torque that my Yamaha made. But Honda wouldn't know anything about that. :)

Better late than never! I finished the last 2 1/2 laps 10.2 mile loops in a national harescramble at Kahoka Mo. on a flat with one rim lock that worked fine! 5th in open A class was not how I wanted to finish, but WFO is only so fast when your going sideways on a flat. As far as power and torque to the wheel. I gave it all she had!!!!!!!

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