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Horray! Finally got my Acerbis LR Tank!

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eBay is a wonderfull thing! :)

For the past few months Ive been getting around to buy a new Acerbis 20 litre long range fuel tank for my XR4, with the big miles I do.

I was going to order it form Ballards in Sydney. Pretty damn expencive! $680 Aus!($540 US) But I was prepared to pay for it.

Just a few days ago, my dad emailed me a few things for sale on ebay. One of them was this!


I just thought HOLY SHIT! And just about had a heart attack when I saw it!

Its basicly brand new, only been used twice, no damage! When I first saw it, it had 2 days left on the auction, and was going for $100!

I thought I had to have it! So I straight out put a $500 bid on it! Thats still $180 cheap!

Towards the end of the auction Other people were bidding like mad, but all in vein, They only got up to $255! No where near my $500! :D

So I ended up winning the tank for only $255! Thats $425 off! Gotta be Damn happy with that! :)

So I'll pay for it tomorow, and he'll send it!

Cool huh!


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I just got the same tank off eBay for $110 USD. The seller had been using for his xr600, so I needed to buy the appropriate mounting hardware. Apparently, the mounting hardware is back ordered from Acerbis until mid-March. So my friend made some for me in his shop. Works great.

The Acerbis tank is the same for XR250/400/600. To mount on the 250/400, requires longer brackets than is needed for the stock tank.

The tank holds 5.8 gallons and has two petcocks. It'll be great for Baja rides. :)

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Nice, now lets see a picture of it mounted up :)

Poor ole "bucket9" really wanted that thing also :D

:) ..................With that tank we can call hxr400 engine # 9 :p

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Yea I thought I tell youse about it when it was still on auction, But then thought, Ah No!, I dont want any competition!

Engine # 9? Whats that? Is that some sort of train or somthing a bloody huge tank or somthen?

Thanks for that info BajaThmpr, I did not know that. Yes I'll have to make somthen up at work to fit it. Peice a piss! :)

Yes as soon as it turns up next week somtime, I'll fit it! Probly have to be next week end. And I'll take some more good photo's and post em, and add them to my already shit load of photo's in my gararge! Cant wait! :p

With a nice big tank like that I wont have to fill up 5 times on my way to Perth! (450km/280mile trip)

Thanks for your feedback!


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