Need a left fork for my 02 650 XRL!!

If anybody has or knows where I can get a left fork or the lower housing I would be most greatful!!!! :) Do they make after market forks for a xrl?

I'd give E-bay a try.

Thanks for the help, looks like someone else is gonna gett'em, new baby, low funds. :) Nice to know there is help here though, Thanks again :)

Bidding $140 just isn't enough. I'll just keep the front wheel off the ground.

I actually got them :):)


Good job :) I'm glad someone from TT got a good deal

I actually got them :D:)


Congratulations :p Im sure you got them for much cheaper than ordering them from honda new. :) Ebay is awsome :D

Just curious but why did you need new forks?

I added air to the fork for the first time and it started spitting oil out of the aluminum housing and the seal, right under the boot where it was hidden during the time I bought it- the almost 1/2 dollar dent! that ass knew that was why I only paid $3800 :):) - I used a hand pump by the way. What made me notice was I was bottoming out and thought some air might help- thats what I get for worring about speed instead of the basics-SAFTEY.

Got my forks in the mail and replaced the bad one, thanks for the help I would have had a heck of a time fixing/finding the right stuff. The bike is much more stable now.

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