Fork Revalve. Too Tech?

Two questions. Is it ok to start with the forks and do the shock later? I wasn't sure if doing the front would put the bike out of balance?

Also, has anyone used Too Tech Suspension in Torrance, CA?

You should be fine doing the forks first and the shock later in terms of a revalve. If however you're changing the spring rate in the front, then you may want to consider changing the rear spring rate at the same time.

had a friend get his done there for a 02 426 says he likes it one week turn i took mine to esp george the owner nice guy and well known .worked for scotts long time 1-818-249-6744

As qadsan said, you can revalve the front now and revalve the rear later, but if you're going to install new front springs, you better do the rear spring too or the bike will be out of balance. But if you're going to go through all the trouble now, just spend the extra money and revalve the rear too and be done with it.

Before I had the suspension done on my XR650R, I called Too Tech. I told him my bike is stock, I weigh 220 with gear, and wanted stiffer springs and a revalve. He went into some rant about checking the race/static sag in order to determine if the stock springs are stiff enough for my weight. Now...anyone who knows anything about the XR650 knows the stock springs are great if you don't weigh more than 170 pounds. I gave up on the guy.

Then I called Rob Barnum. He set me up right, told me extactly what I need, did a great job, and educated me on other aspects of the XR650R. I was one happy customer.

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