neoprene gloves

need for cold, sometimes wet weather

any suggestions

thinkig between scott and acerbis scuba glove


Frostbite??? :) Where are you??? :) He would be the best person to ask. I dont ride much below 30 degrees and that is about as warm as it gets when Frostbite is riding! :p

The Arcrebis scuba are so comfertable I wear them unless its hot.but freezing temps is pushing it.

what about some jetski gloves... ??? they are made outta neoprene if memory serves me right...

My favorite cold weather gloves are the MSR cold Pro! I have 2 pair and they work very well without being bulky and feeling like you are wearing oven mits!

Fantastic down to 30 degrees and snow conditions. :)


The MSR Cold Pro glove is the ultimate cold weather riding glove

Malcolm designed this glove to survive even the coldest days of winter

Water resistant, poly supplex outer shell Hipora® waterproof lining

Thinsulate® thermal insulation Clarino® palm for wet weather grip

Long knit cuff for maximum warmth

Wrist strap closure for stability

New lining material gives you a positive grip and makes it easy to put gloves on over wet hands

Perfect for off-road, street, or snowmob


Love them.

The Cold Pro gloves do work good. I own a pair and like them. But they are not waterproof.

I have some Thor windchill gloves. They are a neoprene type material. They seem pretty waterproof and do a good job of keeping your hands warm in spring/fall riding. But your hands do sweat in them pretty bad.

I use Specialized Neoprene Bycycling cloves for riding in the cold and wet. I have used thm on both my road bike and mountain bike in weather as cold as about 15 degrees f, and on my WR in weather down to about 20 degrees. I've got a pair that are about 7 years old, and have held up beautifully. They have a Clenaro palm, provide reasonable comfort and blister protection, and are warm as toast. They have some kind of fleecing on the inside, too, so you don't sweat in 'em. Try bike nashbar or performance bicycle.

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