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Fuel in Oil

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I know this might be a little off of the jetting topic per se; however, it is fuel and carburetor related so I thought I would post it and see if anyone here had a similar experience and might be able to help me out. Thanks in advance,

I have a 93 DR350S Dual Sport model. It wouldn't start and when I finally got it to run it smoked like a Banshee. I checked the oil and found it was extremely thin and smelled of gasoline. I did some investigating along with my suspicions and believe the vacuum petcock (dual sport street model type), which is junk and only has a prime and on position, is probably bad along with the carb float needle and seat, or seat o-ring. I have heard others experienced the same problem. Any suggestions, similar experiences, quick fixes, before I dump a hundred dollars on a petcock and new carb needle/seat combo. I have heard there is a dirt model petcock with an on/off/resv, instead of this ridiculous vacuum operated petcock, anyone know if it is interchangeable, if so what do you do with the vacuum line opening on the carb, how do you block it off, rubber nipple, RTV sealant, etc.??? Any help on this topic would be appreciated. :p:):)

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