Screen Oil Filter In Yz450 Frame

I Change The Oil In My Yz450 After Every Ride. But I Don't Always Clean The Screen Filter In The Frame. How Often Should I Clean That Filter.

Your wasting you money changing your oil every ride. I only change mine after 3 races.

Back to his question, I would like to know this as well. I've only cleaned the screen filter in the frame once.


Check when you first get the bike to look for left over sealer, etc., from assembly, after you do any major work on the bike (for the same reason), and any time there's reason to be suspicious. Otherwise, once or twice a year is probably good enough.

Thanks grayracer, good info to have. I hate not doing exactly what the book says.


The book say's "every oil change inspect the strainer". It's a pain in the a__ to remove the strainer!

The book is attempting to tell you how to do things 100% right. In this particular case, except for those times I mentioned, it may be 100% right, but it's only about 2% necessary. It could be said that you're taking a calculated risk if you don't check it, but IMO, it's a pretty small risk.

Look at it this way, that's the screen from the oil supply to the feed pump. How often does that same screen get checked on a wet sump? :)

The fact that it's on a dry sump bike just makes it more practical to check at all. It doesn't make it mandatory.

well i havent cleaned mine since i bought the bike in november 2004 well ... the reason is that the who ever assembled this part ( yamaha i guess ) tightened its bolt way too tight ... soo tight that when i tried to bust it loose i striped it and ripped a big chunk of skin of my knuckles soo i said screw it ... but hey is this really bad ... for me havent cleaned it too?


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