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In market for CRF450 - '05 vs. '03

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Long time reader...just never posted. Tried the search engine with little results....

Few questions:

Where is the closest/best place buy a CRF450 near South/Central TX to avoid Sales Tax & get the lowest OTD price (Oklahoma)?

I have spotted the guys in Bartlesville, OK already - about $6k OTD... - 7 hours each way...

Have a local dealer with several new '03 CRF450s for $5k OTD....Given this price is this a good deal vs. an '05?

I am a beginning rider (ridden for several years, just have not advanced much), 220lbs, MX only.

Thanks for the responses!

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03 450's in florida sell used for $3-4k depending on hours/add ons. i would buy the 05 unless you find a 03 for a much better deal than 5K

just my 2 cents


03 crf450r

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I've owned both, and hands down the 05 is a much better bike. Yesterday, I raced in a 78 mile desert race and the bike was flawless. Very little head shake at high speeds, great in the whoops, just awsome. Best 4Stroke I've ever owned.

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I have an 04 CRF 450 that has about 30-40 hours on it.

It is an awesome bike. I was getting ready to sell it soon

I am a single ER doctor that has many bikes including an XR 200, 05' YZF250 and 05 YZ250 2 -stroke and an new 05 CRF 450 that I haven't even started yet. I don't ride as much as I'd like because I work alot but when I do I mix it up riding my different bikes. I take excellent care of all of them. I ride Vet and senior class. I make good money and have a passion for motocross so I don't skimp. My girlfriend even rides

It has:

1. VPE suspension (reserviced 2 weeks ago for sale)

2. VPE ported head and stainless steel valves and springs

3. New piston, rings and gaskets (about 5 hours on it as routine maintainance)

4. Full FMF pipe (no dents) Stainless header and titanium mid pipe and silencer

5. Good plastic and a complete set of brand new plastic never used (I like to have things ready) that is included (not a new tank but everything else)

6. Good rubber front and back

7. Rims are straight and true, no dents

8. New bars and levers off the 05' (kept my Yamaha bend fat bar)

9. Welded/Reinforced radiators

10. VPE clutch bracket (red anodized)

11. New stock OEM clutch plates (5 hours when I rebuilt motor, fibers only)

12. No dings in frame, straight sub-frame

13. Aftermarket air filter

14. No rips in seat

15. New chain

As you can tell this bike is ready to go and is loaded. I rebuilt the motor to get it ready for winter but put on about 4-5 hours in November. It gets cold here in Pennsylvania and haven't riden since. I bought a new 05 2 weeks ago because everyone said they were awesome and I could afford it ( I spoil myself) and don't need the 04 anymore

I am going to put this on ebay for $4500 starting but it should go for more. It would cost about $250 to ship it to you. I would give it to you for the $4500 and this way I don't have to hassel anything

Minimum hours, lots of extras.

I can send pictures but only if you are seriously interested. I have spent a pretty penny on this bike. (susp $350, porting $300, Valves $240, Pipe $600, extra plastic about $250, radiator support/welds $100, clutch bracket $60, misc/etc) This is around $2000 +/- and it only has about 40 hours.

This is an just an option for you, the 05 is newer but this has minimum hours and is done, ready to go and not much more expensive than an 03

Email me at jmcgeemd@hotmail.com

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The price the dealer is quoting for the 03 is to high.

they should be in the 3500 range.

the 05 is a much better bike.

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Thanks for all of the replies! It has been helpful. :)


Good offer on the bike, I'll keep it in mind as I look around locally.


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Hey...Heres what I found for retail values...

2002 CRF450R--$4295

2003 CRF450R--$4620

2004 CRF450R--$4985

Just to give you some prices to compare others too! Hope you find a good deal! :)


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