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Questions on YZ 80 carb. also will PowerJet work on TTR 125?????

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Does anybody know what model carb is on a yz 80. I know it is a Mikuni, but I need to order jets and have no clue what exact model is on it. Any help will be great! And also, I am wondering if a Power Jet Kit will work on a YZ 80 carb. I got the carb for only 20.50 including shipping off eBay, so I thought it was a good deal. I am sure I can take the Power Jet off, but i figure it may work with it still on. I only have a FMF pipe, and a BBR air filter. I may be getting a big bore kit. I know all of the jets specifics. Only suspicious about the Power Jet thingy. Heres a link to exactly what it is http://www.mikunioz.com/power_jet_kits.htm Also if it wil work. Will I need anything else to go with the carb to connect to my TTR 125. Thanks a gazillion for the help. :p:):)

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