05 650L vs OLD

Having just purchased an 05 BRP L model, I find myself looking for possible future upgrades, add-ons, fixes, etc.

My question is all I have come across so far in the way of accessories and mods don't specifically state whether they will fit, work, or fix an 05 model.

Has Honda changed the BRP in 05 or can I assume most of these items will work on my new bike? I notice some things go from '93 to '03, or stop at '04. Do I need to contact every mfr. just to make sure there stuff will fit?

Cudos to this forum :)

They haven't changed the bike since 94 so anything you can find that will fit a 94-04 XRL will fit yours.

I just installed the baja design smog block off and dyna jet carb kit plus uni filter.It started first try and throttle responce incredibly smooth.Oh yea I drilled the slide 5/32.

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