inverted forks on a kdx 220

hey i was thinking about getting a kdx 220 but one of the big turnoffs was that it dident have inverted forks and i was wondering if it was even possible to put some on and how much all that would cost , thanks

Yes it is possible. But might set you back a bit.

Why do you want inverted forks on a trail bike?

They are much more likely to be damaged than standard forks.

Kdx's used to come with inverted forks, in the mid '90's, and they went back to standard.

Inverted forks do not necessarily mean better suspension.



less moving mass = better reaction. on the inverted forks the heaviest part doesn't move. i ride the $hit out of my bike through the woods(including many get offs) and have yet to damage them.

At one point Scott Summers took a CRF and did the exact opposite. He took off the inverted forks and put on XR650 type forks. He even showed up at a GNCC with this setup.

thanks for yalls replies, im just a newb when it comes to suspension and i just figured it would handle climbs and ledges better when just the tire moves instead of the whole bike

We apparently have a WP engineer among us.


Look in the Kawasaki 2 stroke forum. This has been done alot. There are several ways to do it. I did it with a CRF230 last year. Pretty easy to do.


garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=23371 is the place you want to check out, lots of conversions have been posted there, register there to get the good stuff. Usually conversions cost $200-400 depending on your Ebaying and mechanic skills. The only regret I have is not doing the conversion earlier.



We apparently have a WP engineer among us.


LMAO! :applause:

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