Glowing headder

Spring is almost here so I started to get the bikes ready this weekend. When I put my '04 WR away in Dec. I only had 2 rides on it (bought it in november, 100% stock). I noticed on my first ride that the head pipe was signifantly hotter that my 400 ran. I posted the question on here a was told that it is normal for the 450 headder to be extreamly hot, and at the time I had the factory jetting wich was pretty lean. Since then I've installed the JD jetting kit, opened up the airbox, greay wire, installed a PMB insert, as well as a ZIP-ty fuel screw. I only had one ride one it after the mods and I think I got it pretty well set up. But tonight I went out and fired the the beast up (after a fight to get it started) and within moments the headder was glowing read right at the motor. I does not seem to be running lean, but I could not really run it through its paces since the monoxide was starting to build up in the garage.

So anyway the question is: is this normal? Like I said above I have been told that it is, but boy it just seems wrong. :)

It is very normal for the header to glow red. You can't notice it during the day so it shocks people the first time they run their bikes at night. Nothing to worry about.

Its still normal. I had a WR426 and now the WR450 and they both did it. I know trail riding will allow it to run cooler, just idling abd blipping the throttle will make it glow. Mine doesnt glow nearly as red with my JD kit installed.

Mine is the same, but I love it because then I don't have to carry a lighter for my smokes :)

It's normal :)

Thanks for the replies! I just had to check again, :)

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