Leaking counter shaft oil seal

After replacing my countershaft oil seal, due to leakage, it still leaks. I replaced the seal as well as the bushing. Looking at the parts manual there is an o-ring also, but it appears to go behind the the bearing(inside the case). When I pulled to old seal, I found no evidence of an oring that sits behind the bushing, so my question is is there supposed to be an oring behind the bushing. I am the second owner and the seal has leaked since I got the bike, so I am not sure if the previous owner took it apart and did not reinstall the oring. I also replaced the shift shaft seal, just in case that had been leaking. I guess it is also possible that the electrical pickup (rev limiter??) that mounts below the countershaft sprocket could also be leaking. Any help would be appreciated, I cant stand OIL LEAKS thanks in advance.

I would make sure it's the counter shaft seal. There is an O-ring that seats on the countershaft. You have to be very careful not to tear or tweek the seal when you press it in. I use a large socket to make sure it is completely seated. Inspect your countershaft to make sure it isn't burred causing the seal to tear. There really isn't a way it could get damaged from normal use, but you never know what happened with the first owner. I put oil on the inside of the seal before I slip it over. I'm not sure if your supposed to but mine hasn't leaked yet and I have alot of hours on it. :)

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