Boyesen water pump kit

I just installed one on my 450 as it is quiet hot here but cant notice much dif.

I was just wondering if anyone here has done any tests to see if it works like they say or any other opinions on this product ?

Dont feel bad I cant tell the difference either. :) I put mine in last July and cant feel any difference. Maybe if it gets real hot in the desert it will come in handy. :)

My buddy NCMountainman is real sensitive to the bike and he noticed a difference right away. I guess you would have to put a temp gauge in one of the hose connections and really test to see if you are getting results. :D I believe it helps but I cant measure the difference with the seat of the pants feel. :p

the biggest difference was it smoothed out the quickness to spit,say at idle or in the tight stuff. before the install it was spittin' like a pissed off cat everytime i ran 1st gear.(13/52 gearing) it cured it of that. since then i've put reflective tape on the bottom of the right rad,and switched to EVAN's NPG-R waterless coolant,and use two2cool oil additive. since then i can't make it spit,and it does matter as i've removed my overflow bottle. so my highly sensitive ass is finally happy :p but this of course is all unscientific evidence and should not be taken without your doctors reccomendation. :) the only other thing i've been debating is wrapping the header pipe(supposed to run a little cooler,with higher flow adding bottom torque and high rpm HP?) :)

NC, I was thinking about doing the wrapping thing as well. I tried to order some at my local dealer, and he cautioned me about it. He said that what happens is the header material which is designed to be tolerant to normal operating temps, becomes brittle after the tape is applied. He said this was due to the pipe not being able to dissapate the heat. I would like to know how it works out for you if ya wrap it. I envy the beauty that you guys have in NC. I own a business outside of Houston, and I am really happy with what I do. I do; however, miss the beauty of that area though.

ya its kind of a mixed reaction,on one hand it is dyno proven to work,scott summers does it. but on the other hand several people that have done it suffer header failure. now i forgot to ask the people that mentioned failure what material the header was. i would think stainless would be the most resilient. i really don't have the money to be buying a new powerbomb every 3-4 mos. maybe the FMF engineers might help. i'll give them a call. :) your right about the area you gotta love the smell of a moonshine still waftin' down the holler on a moonlit night in the mtns. :)

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