I rode an 04 yesterday

On Sunday my regular crew went out riding outside Mojave CA. After riding 30 miles or so my good friend Derek asked to ride my 05. I was happy he did, I really wanted to pick these bikes apart and wanted to ride his new 04. I jetted both of these bikes the same, they both run excellent and both have the same free mods done. The only difference is the pipe, Derek's got an FMF Powercore 4 slip on his while I have an uncorked 05 stock pipe. I'll cut to the chase and say that his bike SMOKED mine. Not even close.... More power everywhere... Big bottom, big mid and reved to the moon... :D Even though the compression ratio was changed mildly on the 05's I'm hoping this is all pipe because I'm missing out of power that I can really use.. I'm getting to hate the new "aluminum" exhaust can. It's gotta go, quick.

The first thing he said to me is "man, this bike's small"... There really is a big difference. My 05 turned faster and overall just cornered faster while his bike was roomy and handled the whoops probably better than any bike I've ever ridden... It's time to get my suspension dialed in now that the bike's broken in, it feels too soft and needs more rebound.

I usually dislike "Vs." threads because they can sometimes get into pissing matches but I wanted to post my thoughts because they were so apparent..

Time to get a real pipe....

Dan :p (I mean) :):)

Dan, thanks for your candid report on the ride comparisons. I'd say that they match pretty much what has been reported in the press, in particular the current issue of Dirt Bike. Sounds like the 04 is more comfortable in the desert and 05 in the woods. Great to get an unbiased opinion from a fellow rider.

Like you, I also really like the suspension and power on my 04, but wish it were a little more agile in the tight stuff. All things considered, Yamaha probably did the right thing with the '05 in creating a bike with more universal appeal. I wouldn't worry too much about the power, since most of us aren't able to ride WFO 100% of the time.

Yamaha made a lot of changes in the 05 including the combustion chamber/ compression ratio to make Honda smooth power! :) Fact is most of us like the old Yamaha power delivery even on the YZs . I have seen the same comments over on the YZ450 board. At least the handling is a big improvement. FMF Power Core IV is a great pipe that can be tuned to many levels with the optional hardware! :)

04's kick the 05's butt :p , just jokin' :) i sat on a 05 at the shop and gotta say it felt alot smaller(which in my case is not good) it did feel more balanced though. i really hope the new bikes have that yz 250 frame (or similar) they say that thing is stable at speed and cuts on the dime. :) i would reccomend the powerbomb/powercore4 setup it really wakes it up.

how loud is the fmf pipe? I've got a doma pipe for my 426 and its crazy loud, i'm looking for something a little quieter without sacrificing the power

its 102 db open w/2' endcap, 98 db w/ the quiet core insert :) the insert does not alter the power too much. i've just done some experimenting on mine gave the core more room and put the insert in after drilling it full of 3/8" holes. it works alot smoother through the revs and does not over rev as easily,did not lose any bottom either. it is a little louder but nowhere near the 102,i'll have it tested next time i go to brushy. :)

All great comments guys... I agree with the 04 being a better open bike for faster trails and the 05 being the more manageable trail machine. Before I jump to conclusions with the difference in power deliveries I'm getting a pipe for sure, it'll be a better comparison when I compare apples to apples. Power is enticing, once you taste it you'll end up wanting more. I do want more...

I think I broke my all time wheelie record on his 04... I want my bike to be the same way (it's close) but not the same. :)

if you do go the powerbomb/powercore 4 route thats the right jetting that you have although my needle is in the 4th @ 2500' temps are in the 50's-60's at the moment. i come down to 45pj/165mj when it hits the 80's

Interesting. I guess different (4) strokes for different folks. Personally, I prefer to get my power in a more linear fashion. I rode an '04, and it was very nice, but there was a hit that I didn't really love. The height was a little intimidating for me, too. I'm not that great of a rider, so that might be a big part of it. I just prefer very predictable power. For me, the '05 is a much better machine than the '04, but I can see how it would be the opposite for other people.

As far as wanting a pipe for more power, it's going to be a while before I can use all of the power in mine the way it is.

I just bought the 04 about a week ago. It sucked with the stock pipe. I put a powerbomb header and powercore4 exhaust on it and Holy $#*$#* that thing hauls ass. I ride a KX500 out at the dunes all the time and I really feel although its a little different power that the 450 will tie the 500 to the top of a hill. It all about the powerBOMB.

have fun


Dan, the wheelie record. Tell us about the important stuff, please. :)

So Dan after your back to back comparison/switch 04 to 05.......how would your old 03 model measure up?? :)

Wow, feeling good about my newly purchased 04 WR450, and the FMF Powercore4 with quiet insert, JD jetting. I was ahead of the game and didnt even know it! :)

my 04 WR450 still has the stock pipe with the baffle removed and has tons of power, and sounds great!

I could've bought the 04 model, it was cheaper. I'm very happy I bought my 05, like I said before, I'm comparing my bike to a similar bike with a loud, free-flowing pipe.. Some 04 owners are taking the ball and running with this thread and just say the 04 is the better choice, it's a perfect opportunity to get those comments in. I'm cool with that..

As far as my personal best wheelie record? I thought a lot about this one.. I would say (on dirt) that it was no shorter than a 1/4 mile or 20 seconds, standing up in 4th. I figure I'm going close to 60mph. Don't get me wrong, I can do just about that on my bike, but with a loud exhaust system you gain better throttle response and control which is (in my opinion) is the most important aspect of keeping your front end up.


So Dan after your back to back comparison/switch 04 to 05.......how would your old 03 model measure up?? :)

I would rate the 03/04 behind the 05 model simply because the bike turns so well and doesn't fall in corners like previous models. It's smaller too, for me that's a big one. I personally don't think Yamaha has ever gone backwards with their WR line, even though the 03 had its issues it was still a big improvement over the previous years. I had a great time on my 03, it was set up real nice... :)



What exhaust systems are you focusing on for your 05?


Elton, I haven't decided what pipe I'm gonna run.. The Whitebros looks real nice and I like the Yoshimura. I can get the GYT-R stuff real cheap from my friends at my local dealer, also, the FMF Ti-Q is sweet but it's more expensive. I'm undecided... :)

Dan :)

I'm focusing on the E2; looks good, says its adjustable for sound/performance, have heard good things on the 2004 spec.; but wanted to hear your opinion since I know you have been looking for a while. I hear the Yosh is "LOUD", but I don't know for sure.

I don't have a clue if I need a new header pipe, like the powerbomb, etc. -- any opinion on that?


I ran with the uncorked stock pipe for a while on my 05 wr450. I heard a lot of good things about it and even in DirtBike mag they said you'd be an idiot to put an aftermarket pipe on the 05.

I guess I'm an idiot. I installed a Dr. D slip on pipe and what a change! The bottom end snaps now. I didn't think it was going to make that much difference and was a bit disappointed after I read the DirtBike review as I had already installed the pipe but not ridden it yet. After riding it this weekend it was definitely money well spent with better than expected performance returns. The Dr. D pipe w/o the quiet insert is just a touch louder than the uncorked stock pipe.

The 04 is overall probably a beter bike for most. Sounds like it gets more power to the ground quicker. I'm 6'2" 250lbs and though the 04 is taller the 05 is not a small bike. It fits me very well and there is the green sticker.

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