Trail tech computer?

When you get the instructions you will see a hand sketched picture of the sensor and magnet bolt position. You want to move the sensor so that the tip of the sensor picks up the magnet! This results in moving the sensor a half inch futher away from axle to get the unit to work accurately. I have advised many TT members on this and it does work for all of them as well. :)

OK, the computer showed up today, & it appears that they fixed their instructions, Have a look for yourself & tell me what you think.

Trail Tech Computer Installation Instructions

Great point they finally fixed their instructions! :) The original instructions were having the magnet pass through the sensor path a half inch from the tip. Now they have corrected it to shoot for the tip. That is correct! :)

These things are junk. I have been through 2 and decided to buy one made for a motorcycle. I bought an ICO pro comp used and am much happier with it. The ICO dual sport looks worth the extra money

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