wr450f 05 conversion to street legal

Has anyone converted a 05 wr450 and if so will the headlight accept a dual filament bulb or will I have to replace the housing and same with the rear

thank you

It already has a dual-filament bulb.....taillight too! :)

thank you i looked at the bike last night and i seems to be pretty easy to convert

Does anyone have a fix for the headlight getting dim when the rear brake (i have installed a rear brake banjo bolt switch on my '04) is applied? I tried an LED rear bulb, but it is too dim during normal running to be of much use. Back to stock bulb and the dimming headlight on rear brake apply.


it's normal if you're at idle....just like old MOPARs.

The stator was never designed to provide power beyound the stock bulb. It can be mod'ed to combine the AC and DC windings to provide full DC to the headlamp and taillamp. Mine was mod'ed by BD and I was not too impressed(not worth $30 plus freight!) :) . I took photos of them yesterday to post them here to show others the mod. I need help in how to post them though..... :p:D:)

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