Hey, Indy! Q re: leak jets

I was at the 2K5 dealer show in Indy this Sat & picked up a new '05 SUDCO catalog. After browsing through it, I noticed their exploded diagram of the FCR-MX carb still doesn't show the "leak jet". The only thing I found in the whole catalog that could possibly be considered a leak jet is what SUDCO refers to as the accelerator pump jet. Since you've obviously had up close experience with the subject, I was hoping you could look at this scan of the catalog page & tell me if this is what they look like (I haven't torn the carb bowl off yet), as I want to try your suggested #48 pilot ("slow jet", suffix 21 in catalog) & #40 leak jet ("accelerator pump jet", suffix 52 in catalog). I've found so far that SUDCO's prices are way better than through the Yam dealer & availability seems much better also. I'd appreciate your imput.


2005 SUDCO Catalog, page 119

Those are the leak jets! :) #35 is the smallest available. I made my own #0 jet (plug) for winter riding. :)

Thanks Indy :)

Another quick Q if you would, you say you run a plugged leak jet in the winter, which pilot do you use?

And last, but not least, have you made any changes (from stock) to any of your air jets?

Thanks again. :)

I used the #70 leak jet and brazed it shut. You will never need it again.

I have a 100 PAJ that I have used with a 50 pilot. I prefer the 48 pilot with the stock 70 PAJ. The stock MAJ is 200 and is fixed on our carbs. :)

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