99 wr400 to loud?

I've got a 99 wr400 with a stock head pipe and the power core4 exhaust, I went down to the police station this morning and tested the noise level and the db's were around 110 at 20", does this sound right? The db's must be below 99 @ quarter throttle to pass inspection to ride some of the enduros, am I gooing to have to go back to stock? Please help...... :)

that sounds a bit loud... I have the same setup, and I haven't been ticketed or even stopped by a "ranger" for My bike being too loud, and In california, the legal limit is 96decibels. Try cleaning out and repacking your muffler to see if that helps, I think the sound metering thing was off... Race pipes only get about as loud as 105 db's.

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