Question about changing sprockets (Ironman)

I am getting ready to change the gearing on my 03 450F from 14/49 to 14/47. I currently have Ironman sprockets which have absolutely no signs of wear on either the rear or countershaft sprockets. Would any of you with Ironman sprockets change both or just the rear sprocket? Normally, they say you should do chains/sprockets at the same time but these sprockets have outlived a few chains already so I am not sure. Thanks for any help.

I swap between my 47 and 49 tooth ironman all the time w/o changing chain/counter sprocket....depending on the track

watch those sprocket bolts.... :)

In an ideal world you would keep them as sets... but in the world that most of us live in you should be just fine swapping them around if everything is still in good shape.

I agree just change the rear.

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