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YFZ450 (WR Crank Setup)

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Thought I'd give you guys a crack. I haven't posted much here, but I have been playin with this engine for a while.

Ok, here's the deal. I will be putting my quad back together real soon. Here is what I had done, and where my jetting was at.

-cp 98mm 12.5:1

-ron woods style intake

-alba pipe

-web cams, race grind

-kicker, and tt -4 flywheel (I know they shouldn't effect jetting, but thought I'd throw them in for gp.)

Jetting with this setup was 180/50/ncvq 4th clip

Here is the new setup

-cp 98mm 11.5:1

-wr crank

-web cams, race grind

-woods pipe

-ron woods style intake

-kenz porting

-1mm oversized valves

-kicker, and tt -4 flywheel

Any recommendations whaere to start with my jetting on this new setup? The bike seemed to be jetted well with the previous setup. Pulled the limiter in every gear except 5th in the sand. Never had a chance to try it in dirt, or on pavement. I ride within 1000ft of sea level as well. I know noone can tell me what will be perfect, but I want a good idea to get it fairly close from the get go.

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