2004 OEM YZ Carb Needle

Any one who's gotten the JD kit, or replaced their OEM needle:

Would it be possible to check the markings on the needle & tell me what they are? Everywhere I look, they're out of stock, so I'm trying to cross reference ot with the new 2K5 SUDCO catalog I picked up on Saturday, to order one direct from them, but going only by the Yamaha part #'s I can't make any match between the two.

Any info would be great, thanks. :)

Hello... Is this thing on? :)

I will try to look tomorrow. I think the reason is that all the new WR 05 people are ordering 04 needles because the 05's are non adjustable. It took 2 months to get my throttle stop.

holy hell, a reply. JDD123, if you could get me those markings, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

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