Help for the rookie..

So here it is, my first post here on TT. Please be easy... :)

I've been riding for a few years, and recently upgraded my real old TT600 to a 04 Wr450. I'm now going out a limb and am going to race my first desert race this weekend. Novice of course...

I'm looking for words of wisdom form the those of you that remember your first race, and some advice for the Rook. I'm not going into this blind, Ive been getting some advice from friends... But, more advice cant hurt...; What to carry, best way to cover up the front light, tear aways VS the rolling kind, etc...




I raced my first desert race in almost 20 years just last month and remembered how much I loved it. Here’s a couple of the obvious ones for racing:

How long is/are the loop(s) make sure fuel is available. (couldn’t believe how many guys ran out of gas)

Good tires with heavy duty tubes ( and a little slime inside for good measure)

Water and a little more water. Forgot how thirsty you get in the dez, take a 70 oz. Hydro.

Good safety equipment, for the few extra dollars you spend now it could save a lot of grief in the future.

Ride to have fun, the only thing you need to prove is to your self and how much fun you had. (see a lot of beg/nov try to break the speed record)

Tell us how it went when you get back, good luck.

No matter how tired you get keep on going. I think you'll be proud of yourself after it's all over, I always am. Like he said above, drink water during the race from your camelback and you'll have a good time. Good luck and tell me how you did.

I dont have any advice cuz I dont have the balls to race and I am soooo slow. But I wanted to say 'good for you' and GOOD LUCK. Let us know how you did and how much fun you had. :):)


Steering stabilizer may save you from a surprise high speed get off!

Dont get lost in the dust on big loops! Wear a wet bandana if it is real dusty that you can pullup over your nose. Baby oil your goggle foam! :)

Filter skins! :p

Dont race past your vision! :)

Settle for last place that did not DNF! :D

Thanks for all the advice!!! I've got a good list of things to work on..

I keep hearing from alot of people to "Just finish" So, Ill try to reign in my competitive nature and do just that, finish.. :) I hope. lol

I'll let you know the results on Monday.


dont lube your chain, protection for lamp-are you familiar with material used in warehouses for soft, see-through, beating withstand doors



wet bandana works well, baby oil on the goggle foam sounds like a good idea... I'll try that as soon as the California monsoon stops.

Another thing I like to do is tape my thumb and hand across the knuckles and palm. For someone like me that sits in an office most days the blisters tend to hurt for many days after the race.

I’ll be doing the Adelanto GP (So. Cal) this weekend which should be real interesting (life preserver will be part of the gear). If there are any other WR’s going checkout the TT forum - who when – southwest – Adelanto message

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