Does the YZ450f?

produce the as much or more excitment during acceleration as the yz250?

This sounds very iggnorant but there is simply no way I am able to test ride an MX thumper unless i bought one.

I could care less about shaving off lap times or reducing fatigue through a smooth and boaring powerband. To me, fun =intensity and I love the intesity that the two stokes provide during acceleration.

Does the yz450f (which is what I will buy if I get a thumper) produce a feeling of excitment and intenisty that suprasses it's two stroke counterpart or is it more mellow and slow feeling?

It is hard for me to compare the YZ250 since I have never owned one. But let me tell you, when I twist the throttle on my 450, it is a huge thrill. Excellent power now that never seems to let off. All around a great bike.

"Exciting" is one of several things the '03/'04 YZ450F has been called. "Furious", and "Explosive" are a couple more. (Freakin Scary and Unrideable are two others, but that's an exaggeration) The '05 has a bit less bottom end snap. They're a rush alright. You can be rolling along a graded road in the desert at 50 mph and roll it on and be going 60 in about 1 second. Do it again and be going 70 in about 1 more second, then 80 just as quickly, like it was nothing. Except for the fact that you have absolute control over it with the throttle, and that the power curve is more than twice as wide and nearly flat, it's as much like a 2-stroke as any thumper I ever rode.

Today's engineering fascinates me! It's amazing at how much power can be transferred to the back wheel of this 450 with just a quick twist of the throttle. I don't have any experience with 2 strokes but I do know that large quantity's of 4 strokes are being sold every day because of the useable power that 4 strokes have to offer. I'd like to see 2 pro mxers on the same bike at the same time in a straight drag race....

i have an 04 450f, and i have to say that after owning a 98cr 250, and a 2002 yz 250 2-smoke, i love the broad power of the 450 and the reliability with my 450 makes riding so much more fun. i don't have that fear of it fouling a plug after a stall(really big tangle with uncooperative tree) like i did with the 2 strokes. i have let a few of my 2 stroke friends ride my bike and they all agree that it is tactable, but scary fast. but we mainly ride woods and some local tracks.

ive owned a yzf400 for a while now i love it. right now its winter so im riding on snow and ice with studded tires. i just finished settin up my buddys 03 yz 250 for the winter and took it for a rip. ya the bike rips and the power is great when its there, but you have to be in the powerband to be able to do anything with it. you can't lug it around because theres no power, you gotta be in the right gear at the right time. right after that ride i hoped on my 400 and that is a very big difference. the power starts the sec you let the clutch out. and if you decide not to down shift for a corner or anything at all, you can lug it and the power is right there. ive also riden both bike back to back on dirt, the 250 rips but comparing to a 400 a few years older, the 400 feels like it wants to pull your arms off. the power is real diff. but better. now your comparing the yz 450 to 250. ive riden a crf 450 and i could jsut imagine how hard the yz pulls. im sure the 4 stroke power is a bigger rush then the 2 stroke power. i know the next bike im buyen is a yz450.

The 450 is just as exciting to me and easier to control. :)

I kept my last bike so long 93 WR250 (2 smoker) because I couldnt find anything that pulled harder through the gears or had a bigger power hit (after a few easy mods) other than hopping on a 500. I rode a friends 98 Yz400 when they first came out and was still not impressed the motor was strong but the power delivery still felt "tractor" like. I rode a an 02 CR450 and the power was just boring, but very easy to manage & ride, decptivley fast but boring. Finally I got a chance to ride an 02 Yz426 in the dunes & holy sh!t! The power just exploded off the bottom and it kept pulling all the way, and I didnt have to keep it on the pipe for it to make some power. Although I think 2 stroke power is much more controllable. If you want tractability, just shift it a gear high and lug it, if you need power just tap the clutch & let 'er rip. With a 4 stroke like the YZ you have tire lug ripping power at almost ANY RPM especailly at the low end. If you want everything a 2 smoke's got & more, go with the YZ you wont be sorry. You'll find yourself going faster with less effort. Go with either an 02 426, or 03-04 450. The WR's are a good choice too, you just need to do a few mods to get them to run like the YZ. :)

Do it...just do it....come it

Dude it's a freakin' blast!!!

The hit on the 03-04 450F's are insane. They definitely have a very intense powerband, and 05 450F is a little bit mellower but I'd say just as fast.


My friends I ride with have cr250's(one of them with some $$$ in the engine) and yz250's. I'm the only one with a thumper (04 yz450). The 450 will pull away from a two stroke 250 at any time with a little help from the throttle, not only that but I don't have to shift gears as much as them going into corners, because the 450 has the torque. The 4 stroke's torque curve looks like a plateau(3-10k rpm), whereas the 2 stroke's torque curve looks like a peak - usually peaking in the neighborhood of 7-8k rpm.

I was in your shoes at one time. I didn't have any friends that owned four strokes so I wasn't able to ride one unless I bought a new bike. I originally put money down on the 2005 YZ250 but changed my mind and went with the 450. A little skeptical about the power. I soon found my new love in the 450. Just as exciting as the 2-stroke. You can put the front of the bike in the air with a twist of the throttle where it took clutch drops to do the same with the 2-stroke. The 4-stroke is heavier and taller, but I really haven't noticed it. Don't switch to a 4-stroke just because everyone else is though, because 2-strokes are actually are "less" money to maintain which can be a big thing for some people. The 2-strokes are definitely easier to work on. But I doubt you will see me buy a 2-stroke ever again. You won't be disappointed if you go with the 450! Matt

I switched from a KX500 to a yz450. The kx power just spinned the tire where the yz put it all to the ground. I remember my first ride on the 450 and all I could do was giggle while I rode it. Side note, my neck allways hurts now after rideing the 450, I had to switch to lighter helmet to help with this, my KX never gave me neck problems. Get the 450 and you will find yourself gigleling the whole time.

I also had a permanent smile after riding my 450 for the first time. I was a die hard two stroker with my 2001 CR250 and I also loved the super fast acceleration. The 450 really has the same rip if you twist your right hand far enough and it pulls longer, harder, and alot easier with no clutch work. It lets you focus on other aspects of your riding technique making you hopefully a better overall rider.

04 YZ450F..the man killer ! From the moment you start the bike, wow! Every time I kick my bike into gear, I just start grinning. Why? cause I know I'm going for a ride. U want intense? twist n go, just hold on tight!

i rode my friend's 2001 CR250 at glamis this past thanksgiving and i was really disappointed! my 2000 YZ426 pulled so much harder, and that was before i did the hot cams auto decomp exhaust cam and hi-comp piston. the only way id buy a 2 stroke would be if it is a CR500.

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