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Wanted 96-up DR650 Hubs and Rotors

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I know it's a long shot, but I am having no luck finding hubs and rotors to build a set of supermoto rims. If anyone is willing to part with theirs, or if anyone has a bent wheel sitting around the garage that they don't want to look at anymore, please let me know. The OEM prices are really high-enough that after lacing 17's to the hubs I will have spent almost as much as the guys with the pretty Talon hubs on their CRF's.

Also, thanks to the board for all the advice in past threads on the Airbox/Dynojet mods. With 606's on the rims, I've been doing my best Kenny Roberts impersonation around the streets of San Francisco. That may be why the tires need replacing after 800 miles.


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