Suspension advice for new 05 wr450

I've never messed with my suspension before. Anyone have some suggestions: Like what to look for (how bike feels) and what to adjust?

If anyone has any suggestions on what settings to start with, I'm about 6', 190lbs.

I noticed this weekend that my front was very stiff. :) Well, I mean my front forks on my 05 WR450 was not so plush. The manual seems to have a lot of info. on what to do. I am around 6'3" 230.

Hmmm, I felt the opposite, my initial feel was that the rebound on the front forks was soft, so what I did was read the manual and stock settings are all at ten clicks out(20 total). I wanted stiffer action on the whoops and so forth. I went 2 clicks in on all and it stiffened right up. I rode on the new and liked it well. Race Tech makes quick adjust that would make adjustments a snap. Oh yeah, I am 5-7, 190

I just dialed in my suspension this past weekend. It made a HUGE difference, definately as important as any of the other mods I did. What I did was first set the sag per the manual, 3.5-3.9 inches I think. Then I rode it and made a mental note as to how the suspension felt. Came in and adjusted the compression and rebound dampening and went out and rode more. This time a carried a small screwdriver with me so I could make adjustments on the trail and get a more immediate feel for the effect. After a few more small adjustments it felt perfect for me. Other than the sag it is very easy to make adjustments so I'd just play with it a little. Just make sure you keep track of where each setting is. Hope this helped. Oh, and I seemed to have way too much rebound on my bike initially and I'm 200 lbs. Not sure if this is normal but dampening that helped quite a bit. Other than that everything wa set way too soft for me.


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