Gearing and Looping Out Up Steep Climb ??

Ok let me try to put this into words........

On my '04 yz450 I put a 51 tooth rear sprocket on to help in the tight trees and rocks during racing, less stalling and clutching. But I have been left with a monster amount of torque at those low speeds, even with the gental throttle input :)

So when climbing I find the front-end pulling and pulling until I have the front wheel so high I have to stop and try to survive the landing or Stall or stay on the throttle and loop out. Please dont reply with "get higher on the bike and keep the front end down" I do that naturally and it works somtimes. Is their a front and rear sprocket combintation someone is using under the same conditions that cures this, or do I just need to go faster :):p

i have been running 13/52 but switched to 13/51 because i needed a little more 3rd gear seems like it wants to loop more with the 13/51 maybe its all in getting used to the change?

Faster :)

Keep a finger or two on the clutch, when the front rises slip the clutch slightly and leave the throttle alone. Remember the throttle controls how much power the motor is making, but the clutch controls how much of that power actually makes it to the rear wheel.

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