Lowering Kits???

I have an 05 BRP I also have stubby little legs do any of you know of a good lowering kit so I can touch the ground better.

high heels?

my wife has a devol lowering link on her xr250 maybe they make one for the xr650 :)

Took my seat to an upholsterers and they re-shaped it removing about 2" off the height. You can also take a little rear preload off and lower the forks about 10-15mm down the yokes.

Do these things and you will lower it by about 2 and a half inches.

Alternatively..... Supermoto it! :)

Put 17" wheels and road rubber on and you will lower it a further 2" at least.


There are a few lowering link that will drop the seat height 1 to 1 1/2 inches Eric....I have done the seat shaving and the front fork lowering....Hasn't changed the handling as far as I can tell...


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