Where have all the Mobil Red Cap Gone?

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my oil, as I do quite often. How often should it be changed? I go for every 150 miles or so. I run it pretty hard. Anyway, they don't carry Mobil1 Synthetic with the red cap anymore.... What retailer carries it? Or is it safe to use another synthetic oil?



do a search on red cap. mobil has replaced it. alot of places pulled it. if you can't find any left overs now, your not going to.

Just use the mobil MX4T 10W40 made for our bikes! :) I use it but it is expensive! :)

I was at NAPA and Autozone stores yesterday. Both had it on the shelf, and neither said they had any supply problems.

Amsoil 20/50 or 10/40 m/c oil works really well too. I've used Amsoil in all of my machinery for 15 years (including all my commercial fishing boats) I've never been anything but happy with it and the price is a little less I think. my2cents.. Big Jim

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