Hope the Yosh RS-3 Slip-on doesn't suck!

I ordered mine today. The procircuit T-4 looked really nice, and so did the akropovic. I just liked something about the way the Yosh looked. Do any of you know what jets I will need for a free moded 2002 wr426 and a yosh rs-3? Thanks in Advance

Altitude and temp conditions are as important if not more important then what exhaust your running. Give a complete run down of what you've done to your bike and many here will have a idea where you need to start.

Oh yea, order a JD kit first!

Ok, I have removed the air box cover, had a smaller fuel stop screw installed, and went to a uni filter. That's about it. I live outside of Houston, Texas , so we are more or less at sea level. Thanks...By the way Tim, my first name is Troy and our last is the same.

I also had the grey wire disconnected.

Cool, although I am spelling it different only because there are so many freaks on the interent(pronounced the same).

I am suprised that your bike runs with it openend up and free moded prior to a re-jet. :)

Did you by this bike used? Maybe she has bean jetted already? Most here agree that once the bike is opened up at both ends then you need to increase the main jet to either 168 or 170. At sea level JD reccommends for 0 to 3000k riding to use his 170 main and his blue needle unless its hot and/or humid the he says to use his red needle.

I still say order his kit here @ TT and remove your carb when it comes in and find out what jets and needle your running and go from there.

The dealer more or less did all the mods for me, and re-jetted it as well. As far as Houston goes, it's almost always hot and muggy.

Troy, I wish I had your spare time so I could drive 10 minutes down the road and help you, but I'm at work right now. Call me later and I'll show what to do. By the way I got some stuff for my bike yesterday, if you want to come over and I will be than happy to educate you about a couple of things. Later David

Now there's a wise ass. No No, a stalker. Dave's just harboring ill gotten resentment that he obtained while being stuck in a mud pit for half a day. You can bet ur a*s that I will be finding you as soon as that da*ned pipe comes in.

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