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Snow ride - Dog Creek, CA

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Friend and I decided we'd risk snow rather than ride pure rocks at Keswick.

Started out all nice and clear, great traction, good hill climbs. Nothing real challenging.

Then we started hitting snow patches. Not bad about 1' deep, after the first one I started wheeling into them to keep momentum and the front end high. Mentioned it to my friend, watch him hit the next stretch, a little deeper and longer. He made it about 15' in and just STOPPED! :D:D:D:o

I actually thought he was going to endo, the rear tire came up about 3' and finally drifted to the left.

Let the hard work begin...

We'd skirt the side of the road, ride the edge above the road, trying to get around. As long as they weren't more than 2' deep they weren't killer. Then we started hitting 2.5-3'. Pushed thru one stretch like that about 100', stopped and then hit the next one - about 100 yards or more. e21df953.jpg

About a third of the way thru I finally tried picking the bike up and setting it on top of the snow and just pushing, not using the throttle. Worked pretty good, so my friend did that from the start. Now I'm about 2/3 thru and he's passing me on the left practically running and I keep hitting soft spots!! Right as I yell - CURSE YOU!!!! his feet start to sink and can't keep up with the bike - EAT SNOW!!!! ;):):)

Manage to find our way around the next several patches by dropping below the road, and I head up this snow covered hill. First time was pretty tough and I was REAL winded. At one point I was sucking on my camelpak and had to literally yank it out of my mouth so I could gasp for air. ~4500' doesn't help when you live at 500'.

Made it thru about 5, 20' sections of 1' snow and could see mecca ahead - back into the tight trees and NO SNOW!!!! Just one last obstacle!

Get a good run and plow into the 50' strech right where it started to get steep. I almost did an endo! My front fender was just about touching the snow! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v92/pkley/Motorcycle%20pics/58750ad9.jpg

Went back and got my friend, fight back up the hill again. He starts scoping out a side route and we finally cut a path skimming the trees. With much pushing and fighting we made it.

Nice stretch of hill climb and we hit the next stretch of snow - out of sight... :D

It was also about 1:00 pm by now - 3 hours of riding and only 6 miles!


It was pretty sketchy getting back through 2 of the worst sections, they were downhill/level, now they were uphill... Took us 30 min to get thru the 100 yard stretch, both pushing one bike at a time. Pretty well exhausted had to push thru several hundred yards of uphill incline.

First part is shown here... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v92/pkley/Motorcycle%20pics/e95429bd.jpg

Snow is above his rear tire...

Skirted a good part of it by walking above the bike on the bank and pushing along the edge of the snow.

In the end we did 12 miles in 4.5 hours. I drank 70oz of Gatorade on the ride, a beer at the truck and another liter of water on the way back.

The easy downhill saved the trip and made it worthwhile. :D

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