save your right to ride on federal land

I encourage everyone here to join the ARRA, American's for Responsible Recreational Access organization and send letters through their site (very easy) to the polititions that are making important decisions about our access to federal land.

-Matt Nelson

PS Sorry if this is too political for this site, I just thought it was relevant.

Another chance to spend a couple of minutes to have your concerns aired. We need to take advantage of opportunities like this when they arise.

It is painless and time well spent!!

Been there and loged in.


I signed up! Thanks for sharing this with us. Paul

Something like this is very relevant to this site. It would be naive to think that the majority of people out there care if we are kicked of Federal land that belongs to all of us ! :) Unless riders step up and let their opinion be heard, riding our bikes may be a dream that once was. Don't let 'em shut us down. Let your states representatives know how you feel by using the site that mnelson78 speaks of and keep the freedoms that we all take for granted now, till they take them away ! End of rant. :D


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Went there and signed up as well. California is a scary place for us. Turning to our Senators doesn't provide me with any comfort (they are both liberals), but that won't stop the letters from being sent. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the site! It took just a few minutes to send out 4 letters and to email alert several friends.

Just sent my letter....


Just sent my letter....



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