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02' WR426 1st ride report

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So I finally got the new bike out on the trails today. Here's my summary:


Grey wire clip

YZ Throttle stop

Custom Jetting

Powerbomb header

Stock silencer w/ GYT-R insert

13/50 Gearing

Resprung/valved shock

Stock forks

After having problems starting I changed the plug and now its a 1-2 kick start every time. 1st gear is a granny gear and hits the rev limiter VERY quickly......I attribute this to the gearing I have. 2nd and 3rd make this bike come to life.....what a screamer. I dont think I made it into 4th gear more than once cuz I was going to flippin' fast for the ascending mountain-side trails. This bike will power wheelie in any gear w/ my 210# butt on it!!

Seems to have enough flywheel mass to keep from stalling while negotiating narrow uphill and rutted/rocky trails. You do have to feather the clutch a bit when letting off the gas since the engine breaking slows you down to quickly. This is something Im not used to since Im coming from big-bore 2 strokers. Im making plans for that 'rekluse' clutch and think it would be a great addition to the package.

The suspension seemed to work just fine for me. I was worried that the stock forks would be to soft but with the rear shocking having been set up for my weight it had a nice feel to it(still plan to upgrade forks though). I'll have a chance this weekend to get into a variety of conditions so I'll report back anything unusual if needed.

My rating (out of 10):

Power- 9

Handling- 9




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I had my suspension tuned for my height/weight, but is more or less the same as yours with the exception of the powerbomb. My Yosh should come in this weekend, so I'll surely be having to tinker with the jetting. I would have to say I have the same impression of the bike. I haven't owned a dirt bike in like 16-18 years, until three weeks ago. It's not that I needed this much bike, but they had a fine deal on it. The bike sometimes persuades me to feel a little over confident. For instance, one of my friends bought the exact same bike and we were riding together last weekend. I was going through about a 150 yard section of sandy whoops when all of a sudden I shift up into third. I am just having all sorts of fun, when all of a sudden the fact that I am thirty something sets in and i slow it down. Sand+Slowing Down= Front end diving down, which also equals a very scary feeling. I managed to save it, but it did scare the sh*t outta me. We were on a trail called skyline drive, about 16 inches wide and about twenty to thirty feet to the bottom on each side. The trail goes up and down real steeply several times, and on one of the ups i was in second and should have been in first. I just gave it more juice and it crawled to the top. All in all, I am very pleased with the performance of the bike. My only beef is that my oil looks nasty as sh*t after every ride, and my friend dave's bike, looks like the oil is barely used. That kinda pisses me off. I talked to the mechanic, and he said to use some reqular old dino oil on the next oil change. He believes that the synthetic stuff isn't allowing the rings and valves to seat properly. Now Porsche and the Corvettes are shipped with synthetic from the factory, so I am not sure he is correct either. I am otherwise happy with the bike.

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Yeah the 426's can really haul when set up!

Agreed. Not that awesome without all the mods. and correct setup. I cannot wait to get mu suspension done.

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