Wheel Lacing

OK maybe I bit off a little more than I could handle. I'm trying to build a new wheel for my wr and just can't quite get the right spokes in the right spot. I'm using a 19" excel rim with the factory hub and excel spokes. The spoke kit came with two lengths. The longer one has a sharper bend and the shorter one has less. I've tried the long on one side and then the other that did not seem right. My current setup is alternating the longer with the shorter with the longer going to the very outside of the hub. This so far has come closest to looking right. But now some of the spokes look like their too long. I've had it apart and together too many times to count tonight and I now admit defeat... for now. Please Help!!! Jethrro

try looking up close at a picture of a wheel, or ask a wheel builder how to re-lace your wheel. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my rear wheel, and will lace it as soon as I have my rim straightened out. I have no clue as to how I am supposed to lace it.

http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/nov00rsWheelTruing.html www.off-road.com/dirtbike/dec00rsWheelLacing.html Try these links, they are pretty helpful. I've laced and trued alot of wheels using thse articles. Good Luck---WR Dave :)

Nice tech info you had left me about re lacing a rim , of course now I need to go and try it that would be nice to be able to save the money you spend on a shop doing it. Every little bit of info has been helpfull on this site glad to be a member let you know how it turns out :)

I've laced up a set of wheels once, & they were supermoto wheels. I found the best help was having another wheel, or a picture of one to "go by". sat down in the floor expecting it to take ages to finish just one wheel, & I ended up having both the front & rear assembled & loosely trued in a little less than an hour.

Get some pics to go by & you should have no problems (as long as they sent you the correct spokes!) :)

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