Stainless Oil Filter

I've got a 98' YZ400F and I'm going to start putting the top end back together this weekend. I was considering putting in a Scott's stainless oil filter. Any thoughts on these animals? Any suggestions on good oils to use as well?:):)

yea they work good. i've got one in my 400. i think k&p makes them for scotts. cleanable and better construction than stock.

i recently had the bypass valve separate at the spot welds on an emgo oil filter in my buddies fourtrax (brought on by the -10f weather) which restricted the outlet and seized the cam. while this is a rare defect, he learned the hard way ($260) to spend the extra money on stainless filters.

The Scotts filter, IMO, is the best you can get. It filters to near paper levels, but actaully outperforms paper because it has such a high oil flow rate that the bypass valve basically never opens unless the filter is ingnored so long that it becomes clogged.

They filter twice as well as OEM brass screen elements and have about twice as much filter media in them. They are much tougher, too, and will resist being damaged during cleaning far better.

I've been using them for for a long time and I'm very satisfied. I clean the filter with each oil change, and at the end of one year, $5 cheapo paper elements would cost me more than my Scotts.

If you want a stainless filter at a better price than the Scotts, then you may want to keep your eye open for the Ready stainless filter that comes with a trick billet filter cover and the retail is $59.95 (cover included). The web site says it will be available 3/15. I don't know if this will be a super high quality product or not, but I'm sure we'll find out more in less than a month. Here's their website advertisement.

Rockymountain ATV also sells a nice looking stainless filter made by CRT for $39.95 and it can be dissassembled, but there are no published specs on the CRT filter and that doesn't sit well with me. Calls to their company did no good and I just got the run around instead of specs :)

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