Green gunk

hi, :)

when i turned off my 426 last nite. green stuff was coming out of one of the bottom pipes,wasit coolant and is it normal for this to happen.

J :)

Coming out of what pipes?? The pipes goes to where? Need more info.

its coming from one of the plastic breather pipes that come out from the bottom. :)

When the coolant boils over it dumps there, how hot did it get?

it got quite hot it was running for about 5 mins rode for 10 mins and then left running for 5 mins.


5 minute idle is too long after its already warm.


I suggest checking coolant levels.

don't leave your yz running that long....will overheat if your not riding it.......i learned that the hard way when i was waiting on the line of my first harescramble.......with it running.........


cheers guys what coolant is best for the bike and should it be diluted with water and at what ratio.

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