clutch problems yz450-05

we have a rider on the yz450 coming from a 2 stroke.

since he is riding on the yz450 the friction plate's from the clutch are

holding for about 1 hour, than starts slipping. we ride a lot in heavy sand

i think we can solve it by using hinson parts.

maybe you have some other solutions.

Tell him to keep his hand off the clutch lever coming out of corners.

The fact of the rider comming off a 2 stroke says it all. You will burn out the clutch after market or not, if you ride a 4 stroke like a 2. Tell him to keep his hands of the clutch and use engine breaking.

Make sure your using the correct oil. Auto oil has additives which can cause the clutch to slip. Try Mobil MX4T.


Take the clutch lever off for entire practice days. This will teach him to use the clutch only if needed.

Many times I have proven this will increase laps times in just one day. especially with beginner riders.

thank you for your suggestions.

we allready told the rider not to use the clutch, only if necessarry

what we like to know is if there are any solutions to improve the clutch, when not

i think it may be the best to take off the clutch lever for a while.

the rider where we talk about is a very good young rider, age 18

Send him to Florida. One of our riders or friends has training camps many times throughout the year.

If the clutch problem is actually a rider problem that will be fixed in 2 days or less and he will come back so fast that you wont believe it.

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