Ok for trail riding?

The yz400 is the other bike im looking at buying, but i heard it's not the best for easy/mild trail riding? Is this true? I can't find any WR's in this area at all.


Hi I race my 99 yz 400 in enduros and harescrambles and 90% of my riding is woods riding.........

as stock the yz400 isn't the best in trails.......but here's what I did to mine and its an amzing woods bike....

installed a WR lighting coil, WR headlight, enduro tail with light

WR flywheel

Devol Radiator Guards

hand guards

Race tech front fork springs softer than yz stock

swapped out rear spring for WR rear spring

very thick and wide Flatland racing skid plate

Trail tech odometer/speedometer

Trail tech kickstand

also ive added a WR gas tank and seat......

and lastly ive got a 13 tooth front sprocket and 52 tooth rear....

with all this is the perfect woods bike......never stalls, very agile......

I also run engine ice in the coolant to keep temp down in tight woods on HOT days.........howver i never overheated on casual riding, overheated only about 2-3 times in races but those were in sticky situations.....

im gonna look into making somet type of coolant overflow so I don't lose coolant IF it overheats.......the WR's have coolant overflow tanks in teh rear, the yz's don't........

seems to me that a bike with a strong hit (like the yzf) would be beneficial to riding in florida(all the sand ) that bike is a 5 spd so thats not a issue. your more than likely gonna have to change the susp to suit you no matter what you buy. i ride in sand on occasion and it seems like stiffer valving works better for me in those conditions(i always have to stiffen the compression ,and lighten the rebound) i have no idea if thats politically correct but it works for me! so the stock yz valving would work. :) what was your other choice? oh and if your worried about the catch tank,try running evans NPG-R coolant. you can't make it boil out.

Other choice was a CRF450. Seems like im gonna have to add a bunch of stuff to be trail ready? It's not going to be a serious trail bike, just one that i can use it on trails for.


hey mountain man, where can i get this coolant, Ive never hearf of it...........do you have to order it special from a bike store?

nevermind just read up on the internet about NPG-R im gonna order a gallon and see how it works...


I hate to sound like a salesman for Rekluse, but big bore YZF's are alot easier to manuever in the woods with an auto clutch.

Seems like all you guys mod your bikes to go trail riding, can't i just get the bike and ride? I'm not going to be doing hardcore trail riding, and here in florida i can't imagine the trails being extremly tough altho i am sure there are some... All i really was planning on doing was putting a kickstand on the bike, lol.


Oh, what the heck go out and buy a new 450! :)

Nate, I ride a stock yz426 on trails and it is fine. No, wait, it's excellent.

I'm just a weekender like you seem to be. Maybe I could go taller on the gearing for those long fire trails where I'm cruising in top gear, but that's about the only thing I can think of that might need tweaking.

I rode my YZ in the woods bone stock with no complaints. Mine is only modded to make it better in the woods and to make it legal (sparky). On steep climbs you may find the stock gearing to be too high.

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