Hi ive just bought a 2000 yamaha wr426f,, its been going great up untill bout an hour ago, i went to start it and it started spot on :) i went to rev it and it it died :p ive been trying to start it and have had no joy, is this coz it is flooded? or sumfing. Its being a bitch to me now :) cheers

It could be flooded. But if it has been a while since you tryed to start it and it still isn't kicking over you may want to check and change your plug. Mine always has started perfectly on the first or second kick, then after about 750 miles I went out to ride and I kicked until I couldn't kick anymore. So I checked the plug and it was fouled. I guess it was just due. I changed it and it has been fine since. Good luck.

I have took the plug out and checked looks ok, and tested it for a spark and it still sparks ok... would it still not start then??? cheers

Forget checking the plug! The coating from fouling is not visible! Just put in a new plug! :)

ok thanks people for ur help, will get a new plug tommorow and fit it.. :)

Before that I would try holding the decomp lever in and kicking it through about 10 times and then re trying the start procedure. If it is flooded this should clear it out. These bikes don't fould plugs very often, though a new on can't hurt.

Unfortunately the same thing happened to me I was at a track called Clay Peak in Idaho and I arrived in the morning a little chilly not bad 40-50ish I started the bike then BS'n with some friends I walk over to my bike and hit the throttle quick like a two stroke the choke was still on and the bike died after turning the throttle about 1/2 inch I could not start that bike for the life of me.I know that my valves were good and my jetting was right but I have never experienced it before. What I did wrong (NO THROTTLE) WHEN CHOKE IS ON LET HER WARM UP FIRST :p So after removing the plug on site and putting in a new plug first cleaning it out with the compression release and no plug in it I kicked it 10 or so times put plug in and fired right up at that moment being new to thumpers I said never again will that happen :) hard lesson learned. :)

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