Need Clutch Lifter Rod - HELP!

Anyone have one or know where I can find please help. Honda B/O until after my planned Baja trip.

Here's the Honda part# 22850-MBN-670


It's very tedious work, but when something like this happens to me right before trip, I sometimes can find it by calling every dealer I can find a number for. It's almost like winning the lotto when I find it because 99% of the dealers never seem to have what I need, but persistance sometimes pays off. Gut feel tells me you've already tried this, but I thought I'd mention it just incase. Another option might be to look in the classified for various mesage boards for people selling xr650r parts. Sometimes these bikes are parted out for various reasons and you may get lucky by contacting someone like this. Also check eBay and if you see someone parting a bike or selling various unusual 650r parts, then you may want to contact them to see if they may have one lying around. Good luck and I hope your trip goes as planned :)

Thanks for the moral support - Just stopped calling dealers to reply here.

Even called Honda US for help, still waiting to hear back. I told them I'd be happy if they could give me the exact length of the part. I think I can get one made before my trip.

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